Peter Fredman

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My mission and inspiration as a lawyer is leveling the playing field for ordinary citizens against predatory corporate interests.  I represent borrowers, tenants, employees, and injury victims in litigation against big business, lenders, banks, debt collectors, brokers, landlords, employers, and insurance companies. I am here to represent you!

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  • Attentive and Diligent

    Peter was at all times attentive and diligent while working on my case. His strategies and case work proved to be highly effective and in the end I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone.
  • Mr. Fredman is a people's lawyer

    After failing to get help from the CA Dept. of Justice, the ABA, the US Comptroller of the Currency, and a popular tv consumer advocate, I searched the web as a last resort. To my very good fortune that search led to Peter Fredman. With Mr. Fredman's help I became the lead plaintiff in a successf...


UCLA Law School
UCLA Bachelor of Arts
California State Bar No. 189097
California Courts of Appeal
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals