Notable Results

Amira Jackmon vs Wells Fargo Bank -- $4 million settlement for wrongful foreclosures and class action

Northern District of California Case No. 11-3884-VC.

This case involved allegations of deceptive loan modification practices, breach of contract, and wrongful foreclosure against Wells Fargo Mortgage. After about 7 years of litigation Ms. Jackmon got title to her house back--she was never moved out--and a very attractive loan modification. Her case was consolidated with Phillip Corvello vs Wells Fargo Bank ( Northern District of California Case No. 10-5072 VC) and granted partial class certification in 2016. The class action settled for $750,000 plus attorney fees. Phillip Corvello's individual case also settled. The overall value of the settlements is about $4 million. More information about the settlements can be found at


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