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Peter Fredman Attorney and Lawyer
Peter B. Fredman, Esq.
California State Bar No. 189097
Admitted U.S. District Courts
1995 UCLA Law School
UCLA Bachelor Arts
Berkeley High School 


Contact Me For A Consultation:
Voice: 510-868-2626
Fax: 510-868-2627

Contact Information:
125 University Avenue
Suite 102
Berkeley, CA 94710
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My mission and inspiration as a lawyer is leveling the playing field for ordinary citizens against big corporate interests.  I represent tenants, employees, and injury victims in litigation against big business, lenders, banks, debt collectors, brokers, landlords, employers, and insurance companies. 

I specialize in the class action procedure for consolidating relatively small claims of relatively many people, which is often the only way to create the economies of scale necessary to prosecute these claims.

I also have specialized knowledge regarding the real estate and mortgage issues relating to  the mortgage and foreclosure crisis.  I provide consultations to advise people of their options and consequences related to foreclosure, short-sale, loan modification, strategic default, and the like.

Please take a looks at my representative cases and mortgage issues sections of this website for examples of the type of work I do.

I generally look for cases that I can take on a contingency basis and collect my fees from the defendants at the end.  Of course for me to work on a contingency, you must have a case that can potentially generate money from which my fees can be drawn. If you have a consumer or borrower case of a defensive nature, then you will have to pay some fees, but I try to work with people who have righteous cases.